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Webhook with self-hosted assets

This feature is in closed beta

What it is for

For projects that require full offline access or full control of asset files, there is an option to prepare published projects and all assets to be served from the same place. All references to these assets are replaced, to point to an assets folder on the same web server as HTML is served from. The webhook request sent to the receiver will include a list of all HTML files required for the project, as well as a list of URLs to assets used.

How to enable

When invited to the closed beta, the settings for this can be found under Hosting Settings for any webhook hosting. Turn on the option to "Include asset URLs in payload". An optional custom folder name for the assets folder can also be provided, this defaults to "assets".

How to use

When receiving a PUBLISH event, the server application is expected to download all files and assets within 24 hours, after which the files are deleted.

An example of a very simple receiver and web server can be found here.

Required steps

  • Download all HTML files and store in a folder called {payload.dir}
    • Please note that page links in Vev projects does not have .html extensions. Some web servers will handle this just fine, others may require additional configuration.
  • Download all assets and store in {payload.dir}/{payload.assetsFolder}